E-sports manager в Red Bull
Red Bull is looking for an e-sports manager.. E-sports manager translates international examples into "national language" and figures out Red Bull fitting activities. He is well connected into e-sports scene in his/her country. Sets up a strong and efficient network in the national e-sports scene and is always ahead of time with new developments.


  • experience in organizing and managing e-sports activities, min 4 years;
  • passionate about e-sports, sports;
  • open, social, strong net-worker, communicative;
  • has strong individuality, but is a team player;
  • pleasant person, high level of personal energy;
  • self-confident, easy-going highly self-motivated, enthusiastic, passionate, full of life, active;
  • fluent in English.


  • define national targets & strategies, aligned with the overall marketing priorities/objectives and global guidelines;
  • create long-term plan (3-5 years) for e-sports development;
  • select & invent new national e-sports activities based on overall marketing priorities and in cooperation with entire marketing team;
  • full project creation, management;
  • build relationship with e-sport community (clubs, event organizers, teams, e-sports gaming centers etc.);
  • prepare e-sports calendar in collaboration with entire marketing crew;
  • reach agreements with third parties about collaborations with Red Bull;
  • top quality execution in cooperation with sports team;
  • provide help and feedback to the regional marketing colleague regarding e-sports development;
  • develop and execute Business Plans in e-sports theme within overall marketing strategy n Russia;
  • secures smart and efficient investments: National versus International activities (optimize current & future sport marketing spending).

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