Influencer manager в Nike
Nike is looking for a influencer manager. The entertainment marketing manager will be the liaison between the Nike Brand and the entertainment industry in the Russian market across music, film and TV.


  • minimum 3 years' experience working in grassroots or influencer marketing, in Moscow
  • have a deep understanding and knowledge of the inner workings of the Entertainment Industry (Film, Television and Talent)
  • connected. Already has relationships and connection the entertainment industry, so you're not starting from scratch. A people person.
  • understand the nature of the Entertainment Industry and its protocols
  • understand Brand Marketing and Product Placement within the Entertainment Industry
  • understand the competitive market, the influencer and it's impact
  • strong presentation skills and ability to drive plans from inception through to completion
  • digital native - fluent and strong on full breadth of social platforms
  • passion & love for the Nike brand. You are the face of Nike in their neighbourhood and must embody the Nike spirit and love for the brand
  • grounded in sport. Have an authentic connection to sport, potentially having a "lead sport", but with a knowledge and passion for all sports
  • care & love for your community. Embody a passion to improve and nurture sport, athletes* and sporting communities in your local area
  • entrepreneurial spirit. A complete self-starter who will seek out opportunities independently, with a drive to affect positive change. Someone who doesn't wait to be told what to do.

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