Culture manager в Red Bull
Red Bull is seeking an experienced culture manager who will have the operative responsibility for Opinion Leader & event program in Russia.


  • Understanding of local (youth) culture landscape – interested and open for different cultural playgrounds (with focus in Music, Dance, Art);
  • Good marketing and country (people, habits etc) understanding;
  • Excellent management skills;
  • Creative and innovative mind set, open for new things;
  • Well connected in different culture scenes and communications – good net worker! Preferable with access to personal connections with actual Artists and their management;
  • Strong negotiating, presentation and motivation skills;
  • Communicative, sociable, informative, open-minded, ingenious, relaxed, genuine;
  • Good knowledge of human nature;
  • Language skills: Country language; English is mandatory (very good in oral and written form);
  • Able and ready to work beyond working hours;
  • Able to over-achieve mentally;
  • Result (not process) focused;
  • Absolute team player, able to avoid conflict situations in the team.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Participates in creation of and maintains an outstanding Artist network;
  • Delivers event projects and creates Artist platforms where adequate;
  • Contributes to Red Bull's worldwide success due to innovation and uniqueness;
  • Top execution of national Artist program and projects;
  • Creation and execution of globally innovative culture projects;
  • Secures the field culture people implement the national strategy in an appropriate way;
  • Works close together with on premise, brand and communications department;
  • Participates and supports development and execution of superior culture marketing Business Plans;
  • Secures smart and efficient investments: National versus International activities (optimize current & future culture marketing spending);
  • Run all activities within the legal situation and the Red Bull ethic approach;
  • Translates the culture marketing strategy into a national Artist program;
    Establishes a rich network in the fields of culture and media to be aware of new upcoming trends and Artists (internally and externally);
  • Takes care of the right selection and mix of Artists within the national program;
  • Takes care of an optimum usage of the Red Bull product in focused cultured playgrounds by Artists and secures a perfect communication about the brand and the product;
  • Plans and executes fitting branding strategies for each Artist;
  • Coordinates the Artist appearances within the world of Red Bull;
  • Supports the communication colleagues best in achieving optimum media outcome;
  • Translates the national culture strategy into Red Bull event programs and concepts by inventing and executing high quality events of all scales and by leveraging international projects;
  • Plans and realizes efficient branding strategies for Red Bull projects, and 3rd Party events;
  • Drives innovation in all aspects;
  • Takes care of efficient logistic and event tools handling;
  • Supports the event organizers best to assure the highest quality in event execution;
  • Supports the communication colleagues best to achieve optimum media outcome of all events;
  • Supports the on premise colleagues best to generate sales.

Vacancy closed.