Senior International Program Specialist в NASA

NASA is looking for a Senior International Program Specialist. The primary purpose of this position is to serve as the NASA Representative in Russia to oversee and monitor the implementation of NASA policies and programs with the Russian government, industry and academia.


  • conditions of Employment;
  • this position requires a State Department Medical Clearance;
  • successful completion of a security investigation will be required;
  • this is a drug-testing designated position;
  • a one-year probationary period may be required;
  • occasional travel may be required.


  • surveys Russian national aeronautics and space programs and activities of the Russian aerospace industry with the objective of reporting through the Office of International and Interagency Relations on the status of each programs activities, new technological developments, industrial capabilities and opportunities for new cooperative projects. Supports the mission of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow;
  • advises senior officials on U.S. foreign policy objectives as they affect NASA program activities and on proposed implementation arrangements for NASA?s international activities. Represents NASA at international meetings and advises representatives regarding ongoing cooperative or reimbursable international programs and future NASA programs and policies. Plans, formulates, initiates, and executes complex and often sensitive discussions and negotiations;
  • serves as a representative in bilateral and multilateral negotiations and on international delegations as required. Participates in interagency and international meetings concerned with worldwide initiatives or working groups with other Federal agencies involved in the development, coordination, and implementation of a global effort as required. Through liaison activities with Russian personnel, incumbent supports the preparation and execution for visits of senior NASA officials with senior Russian officials;
  • provides export analysis and advice on agency-wide programs or issues of national impact. Applies advanced techniques to interpret and evaluate findings resulting from analysis. Reconciles conflicts between basic policies and program goals. Provides expert advice and recommendations to top OIIR management officials. Identifies reasons for the nature and/or extent of program-related problems that arise and investigates areas in need of improvements. Recommends options that remedy problematic situations and writes comprehensive resolution recommendations.

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